Trending and Creative Ideas To Customize Your Wardrobe

Aug 26, 2023

Don’t settle for less, if a readymade wardrobe doesn’t cater your requirement drop the idea of buying it. Invest your time thinking about what you want for your bedroom or any room and get a truly customized wardrobe according to your room size and interiors.

We have got you some innovative ideas that will help you design a unique closet that don’t get much heavy on your pocket too.

1. Wardrobe with attached study/work desk

As the COVID-19 pandemic is still around us, the new normal of school-from-home and work-from-home will continue till the near future. So how about planning a wardrobe design that inventively utilizes the wall space while on the other hand utilize the shelves and drawers as a part of your desk.

2. Worship corner with wardrobe space

Normally, people require a dedicated shelf space with drawers to designate it as a worship corner. To save this space, you can create a worship corner in an open space by using a section of the wardrobe wall.

3. Wardrobe with display shelves

modular wardrobes

Imagine getting a multipurpose wardrobe to accommodate all your storage needs, isn’t it really great. You can get a doubling up wardrobe which can work as a bookshelf or as a showcase. With open shelves or sections of shelves with glass doors, your wardrobe can do magic for you which saves a lot of space.

4. Wardrobe around the TV unit

wardrobe designs

Most people prefer TV units in their bedrooms, it is not an uncommon thing to have TV units in the bedroom. And a wardrobe is a necessity. But if you are thinking only to get one because of a clean wall, then don’t worry you can get both together. Ask your designer to manage your wall space in a manner that your storage gets organized around the TV area.

Great interiors are all about how you use your style and furniture to meet all your needs as per available resources and space.


Everyone has their own choice and preferences, so share more ideas or tell us how you want your wardrobe. Get in touch with the best modular wardrobe designer in delhi today and we will get back to you with a unique idea.