A Perfect Wardrobe Design For Man’s Closet

Apr 25, 2023 blog_img

Contrary to famous notions, most men own more than just shirts and pants, and women do acquire most of the closet space. The best men's closet design represents their lifestyle and professional decisions to expand the storage and proficient utilization of accessible space. With unique and customized wardrobe ideas you can create well-defined spaces for everything including shirts, pants, suits, coats, hoodies, shoes, belts, watches, and more.

Here are some tips to plan the perfect wardrobe design for a man’s closet:

Modular Wardrobe

Generally, a man’s closet should be modular and must be divided into two sections, one area should be dedicated to hanging space which is the larger one and the other smaller section should be dedicated to shelves and drawers. The primary hanging space can be separated into two halves (top and bottom) as nothing in a man's wardrobe is longer than a shirt, at the lower part of the hanging space one can design a shoe cabinet that doesn't have to extend beyond the height of a running shoe.


And for casual wear like t-shirts, shorts, etc. you can have open shelves and drawers to store your undergarment, socks, etc.

Maximize Hanging Space in your Wardrobe


For men it’s all about hanging, so provide as much space as you can give to the hanging space for clothes like jackets, shirts, pants, suits, etc.

Organized Space for Accessories

It is common to lose basic accessories like belts, socks, ties, etc in an unorganized closet, but to keep them easily accessible and visibly get slide-out racks in your wardrobe.


For efficient use of socks and briefs use compartmentalized drawers, organizing things in drawers also makes it to keep things in pairs and easy to find.

Shoe Storage


To maximize the shoe space build a show drawer across the whole closet as men’s shoes tend to be simple and usually extend beyond the height of your average running shoe.

Packing Away Seasonal Clothes


If you have a long closet around 7 feet or more than that, then add a loft area on top for seasonal clothes like sweaters, jackets, etc.

Final Words

Now that you have understood these basic principles to plan a perfect wardrobe, get your modular wardrobe with efficient use of your space by the leading modular wardrobe designer in Delhi.