Tips On How To Choose Perfect Kitchen Countertop

Jul 17, 2023 blog_img

Planning to get a new modular kitchen or thinking to remodel the old one? Envisioning new materials for your new kitchen can be a challenge. However, the kitchen experts at FAMA are here to assist you to make the design process more easy and comprehensive.

Once seen all over, standard kitchen countertops of dark colors or black granite are now antiquated. Designers are presently choosing a good range of aesthetic, versatile, and durable options for countertops. The choices available are stunning, and it is possible that you have a hard time making your decision!

What is a Kitchen Countertop?

A countertop is that surface that is used for cooking and preparing food and is installed on top of the lower cabinet in your modular kitchen. Its standard width is 2 feet, while the height can vary from 2 feet 9 to inches or higher. The countertops can be fixed along with one, two, or three sides of your kitchen while there is an extra counter in the middle of an island kitchen.

Choose the Right Countertop Material for Your Kitchen!

When choosing the material for your countertop do remember some of these important criteria:

  1. Functionality:

  2. Functionality is the most important factor to keep in mind while choosing the countertop. Are you someone who cooks once in while or an enthusiastic and passionate home chef who cooks elaborate meals daily? What type of usage do you expect? What type of cuisine do you often cook? As Italian food involves a lot of baking so your countertop should be ready to withstand the heat of baked dishes being put down, while cooking Indian food a lot of spices and turmeric are used that could stain the countertop.

    So always keep your convenience in mind once you narrow down your preferences.

  3. Aesthetics:

  4. The materials you select should suit the theme and styling of your interiors, and the colors should fall in line with the overall palette. You can even go with the mix and match the theme. Use quartz for your kitchen counters, for example, and choose warm hues for the central island or breakfast counter. Marbles, Stones, or granites are available in a wide range of colors and finishes.

  5. Budget:

  6. Budget could be the most considerable element for some people while choosing countertops. If someone is working on a low budget then granite countertops are the most cost-effective. Engineered stones like Corian, Steel, and Quartz could fall at the higher end of the pricing range.

  7. Durability:

  8. For a long-lasting countertop that looks good over the years, it should be resistant to wear and tear, impermeable to moisture, and should be stain-proof. Sometimes one might be chop onions on the surface so it should be scratchproof also.

  9. Maintenance:

  10. Choose the material that should require the least maintenance and preferably should be something which will be cleaned with just soap and water. Light-colored countertops could stain with acidic spices like saffron and turmeric, etc. So make sure to clean the tops immediately. In case you have a delicate stone like marble, the surface needs to be fixed at regular intervals to it water-resistant for a long time.

Few Tips on Maintaining and Cleaning your Kitchen Countertops

  • Do not do any food prep directly on the countertop, which includes rolling out parathas, kneading dough, chopping, and slicing.
  • If some acidic ingredient like turmeric, vinegar, and citrus juices spills off on the top, wipe down at once.
  • Natural stone countertops require polishing and sealing from time to time. So whenever you feel the shine has reduced get polished the top.
  • Avoid using cleaning solutions that are acidic or hard scrubbers. Always use lukewarm water and mild soap to clean thoroughly once you are done cooking.
  • Don’t let the food spills harden and set on the surface.
  • Use a damp cloth for dusting on the days when you are not cooking.

Final Words

Ready to start designing the kitchen of your dreams with the right choice of countertop? Schedule a free consultation with FAMA. Check out the modular kitchen designs in delhi and opt the right one for your home.